Atlas N Scale Code 80 Turnouts, 20% Failure Rate

I guess we consumers are Atlases QA team. I think they just roll these units out without checking a single one.

Any time I order brand new Atlas switches, the China made ones, there is aways a 20% defective rate.

In most cases its related to the point rail. The really bad ones have to much plastic on stock rail causing the point to not fully close.

In the case of this one, and some others, the point rail itself was made with imperfections.

Combine both and a 6 axel gevo can’t roll over it at all, constant derailments.

In the case of others I have purchased the frog itself was causing issues and needed fixing.

You can see in the next picture that the outside point rail is bent and has imperfections.

Could I fix it? Probably. Will I? Not a chance. I decided to start over with all new turnouts to avoid issues with used or bad ones from my past orders. I’m wanting to go this route to save time so when a turnout throws me some crap, I send it right back.

I wish Atlas would QA better and would produce better stuff, like they apparently used to. I now stay away from all other Atlas products.

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