New layout: N scale hollow core door – 36×80

Hello everyone! It’s been over a year since I took down my massive full room layout. I managed to salvage all the track but sadly sold some of the rolling stock and trucks.

This time around I needed something small that could be put away when not in use. That lead me to a hollow core door.

I was inspired by theĀ Erie Railroad Mahoning division HCD layout (video). I liked how they used a divider in the middle to create seperate sides, how they made use of the inside areas, and how they created multiple layers.

I wanted a yard, engine house, a couple of train stations, and some industries.

After several iterations I settled on a layout similar to this:


It has nearly everything I want. It’s a bit much for a small layout but so far I’m liking it. I’ll be playing around with it a bit more before locking anything down.


Yesterday I received some NS and TTX articulated auto carriers, very nice!

Today I should receive incline starters and hopefully some track nails. I plan to tack everything down and do plenty of testing before committing to anything



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